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Attorney Ross Abelow Starts Fundraiser to Shelter Homeless Animals

Every year, 7.6 million companion animals enter into shelters, according to the ASPCA, with approximately 2.7 million saved through adoption. While some pets are thankfully returned their owners, thirty-one percent of dogs and forty-on percent of the cats are euthanized. The American Humane Association (AHA) states the most common reason cited by owners for abandoning their pets is due to their place of residence not accepting pets. A light is being cast on this dark subject by longtime New York lawyer, Ross Abelow. This January, he has started a fundraiser with hopes to raise five thousand dollars to help support animal shelters in New York city. The money will be used to purchase much needed food, blankets and pay for medical care to the homeless animals that otherwise face death on in the frigid winter climate.

As a long time resident of the New York area, Mr. Abelow has seen first hand the suffering of lost and abandoned pets. Hoping to prevent animal deaths, he has chosen to allocated any funds raised to shelters, knowing that they have the best resources to make a major dent in a problem that seems to be growing larger every year. It is the responsibility of everyone, when they see a pet left out in the cold without food or proper shelter, even if it is your neighbor who is being neglectful, to call law enforcement. That is the first step to helping our close friends of the animal kingdom.

Ross Abelow, is a political science graduate of the University at Albany, SUNY and a Brooklyn Law School 1989 graduate. He became licensed to practice law in 1990. He specializes in legal matters concerning family law, including matrimonial law and child custody. He has been successful in entertainment law and commercial litigation. After 26 years of successfully defending clients he became a partner at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. Mr. Abelow also spends time writing legal blogs for his own website, for Mashables and on Facebook as well as for other sites such as Crown Point New York. Raising funds to help the overwhelmed New York City shelters is a such an important cause, and if you own a pet, remember; keep them indoors during brutal winter conditions; short-haired animals may appreciate a sweater when going out; and if there are neighborhood strays, help them out with some kibble and water.

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Mobile Video Visitation App by Securus Technologies

Visiting loved ones has always been a hard and time-consuming task. Driving to jail and waiting in line behind long queues only to have few minutes to spend with a loved one is not desirable. The person you are going to visit will not enjoy either as they never feel at home with the realization that they are in jail. Securus Technologies have made it easier by introducing a video visitation app that works with android and apple devices.

Securus video visitation app gives you a choice in how you can plan for visits to see your incarcerated loved ones. The application tries to make the visitation process easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Loved ones can share special moments like birthdays from jail and is not limited to any locality as it operates worldwide. At-home video visits give inmates an opportunity to be with their loved ones during special occasions and saves on time spent traveling. Using the visitation app, we can plan when to see our loved ones according to our schedules. Register for this software here:

The Securus video visitation application is available on Google play and the App Store. Additional features of the application include the ability to synchronize visitation details and receive notifications concerning upcoming visits and adjust their schedules accordingly. Users can also test Wi-Fi connections to ensure that they get the best video quality. The application gives users mobility to the rigid jail visitation system we are familiar with. If you have any issues downloading the app, Securus’ customer service team is standing by to answer any questions.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company focused on providing inmate communication technology solutions. The company serves over 2,000 correctional facilities in Canada and the USA. They provide inmate phone calls services, video services, and email services for inmates. The company provides emergency services for the clients as well as incident management, public information, carrying out investigations and biometric analysis, communication and information management, inmate self-service and other monitoring products and services.

With the aim of improving its services, Securus Technologies have recently added a senior sales executive to its team. The senior sales executive will be in charge of putting together a software-based sales team to accommodate the numerous, patented products made for law enforcement and correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies strives to make the world a safer place for people to live in by improving on the security provided by correctional centers. Ensuring inmates have improved communication facilities they can use to get in touch with loved ones is also being achieved in the process.


Russian Authorities Make a Statement for George Soros and his Charity Groups.



George Soros once opined that his successes in life grant him considerable independence and consequently the ability to take a stand on controversial issues. He feels obliged to say and do what others in compromising positions wish.


This statement describes and justifies most of George’s actions. In a world where societies are unjust and typical archaic thinking takes us back, George is that still and sensible voice of truth and justice. Over the decades, he has represented the interest of oppressed people and supported measures to get justice.


There exist many deeds affiliated to Soros. A classic example dated back to the Apartheid war in 1979. In a white-dominated South Africa, George Soros felt pained by the actions of racist to deny schooling facilities for blacks. He single-handed built schools and granted scholarships to the young children of the time. The prisons were also full of political detainees. George took note of the illegal incarceration trend and offered legal aid to represent detainees in court.


In Eastern Europe, the anti-communist movement came to life in the 1980’s. George Soros realized the need to support such campaigns meant to free the people. Through his contribution and that of other selfless people, communism was wiped out. The rehabilitation and rebuilding process prompted Soros to establish various projects and networks of Open Society Foundations. These efforts paid off handsomely with the transformation of Ukrainian and Northern Russian communities.


However, such difference-making projects haven’t failed to court controversy. Last year, the Russian government banned two projects in the country for spreading ideologies that undermine the Federation and the National Constitution. During the statement, officials raised concerns over national security as a result of the operations of the Soros-led groups. In Hungary where George Soros was born and bred, politicians criticized the foundations for encouraging illegal immigration.


This year, the Russian government has already acted on previous threats and launched a campaign to kill the projects started by the banned organizations. News reports from the northern part of the country reveal that government officials have been raiding College libraries in search of books donated by the Open Society Foundations. The books are said to contain pro-democratic and humanitarian ideologies.


Reports also revealed that 53 textbooks were set on fire at the Vorkuta Mining and Economic College while more were taken away for destruction. The Open Society Foundations remain silent concerning the issue.


Doe Deere Goes Against the Grain And Empowers Fashionistas

Doe Deere, the 34 year old CEO of the cosmetics line LimeCrime, stands up for alternative makeup enthusiasts world-wide, while dismantling pre-conceived notions of what is the “right” way to pursue fashion.

Although she plays nice by producing a vegan cruelty-free line and regularly donating to organizations with her profits, she is not afraid to break the rules, and furthermore, empowers women to do the same. After all, we the people should be allowed to reclaim beauty and define it however we want! If we stop listening to the fashion experts, they stop telling us what to wear or what styles are a-la-mode.

The fashion world should respond to our needs! And that is exactly what Doe Deere aims to do. She embodies the very bold looks that she encourages her fans to embrace, and shares her persona freely on social media facets. This interaction with her fan-base provides a dynamic and fun way for the users of LimeCrime to connect with its creator.

With this progressive cosmetics line, Deere has been challenging some of the oldest beauty no-nos of all time. And with photographic evidence of her own makeup “violations”, we can see how cute it can be to live life as a makeup “offender”, and can better understand how she earned the self-proclaimed title of Unicorn Queen.

Deere dismantles traditional ideas by suggesting that we wear many colors and patterns together. She believes that there are ways in which you can coordinate different elements to create a dramatic look that isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. And certainly will turn heads!

She provides a similar argument for socks, which are meant to be well matched to the proper shoe and often look “childish” if are too bright. Deere rightfully argues that socks often come in the biggest variety, and are a great way to creatively play with accents, and finish a stunning look.

One of the most important rules that Deere disagrees with is the notion that one has to dress “their age”. This is an important message for women of all ages and backgrounds. Many women suffer from acting, dressing, and doing what they feel they are “supposed” to. Many of these expectations are a result of age, and Deere believes it is more important to dress as your authentic self, and not let someone else’s idea of what is appropriate limit a woman’s radiant personality.

She then extends this idea by suggesting that individuals should dress however they want, no matter what the occasion. This of course isn’t to say dress to offend, but rather the idea that whatever you feel comfortable, natural, and happy in, is going to reflect well upon you and is valid despite the dress code. Deere often dresses in fancy clothing for regular occasions, simply as an excuse for joy and celebration.

Doe Deere is a wonderful example of a strong entrepreneurial woman that is changing the ideas and minds of consumers and fashion experts alike, and will someday inspire a generation of creative and authentic fashion designers to come.


Kyle Bass’ Mission Against Pharmaceutical Companies

Founder of the Hedge Fund, Hayman Capital Management, has made news by creating a case against pharmaceutical patents. This founder’s name is Kyle Bass and has made a fortune by correctly guessing the 2008 financial crisis that revolved around the real estate. His big bet against the subprime mortgages has earned him the title of being a genius. With his newly found fortune, Mr. Bass has now declared war against the exploitation of pharmaceutical patents. Mr. Bass believes that with patents, pharmaceutical drugs are more expensive and will increase in prices despite the overall quality of the pharmaceutical drug. The patents, according to Kyle Bass, keep the prices of pharmaceutical drugs high despite the high demand for some of them.

Mr. Bass has considered pharmaceutical patents to be both weak and abusive to the public. In mid-November of 2015, Mr. Bass has reportedly filed around 33 requests for patent reviews that are targeting 13 different drugs from 12 different companies. Mr. Bass and his associate, Mr. Spangenberg are noted experts when it comes to patents. Both men buy stock in the patents that are considered to them to be innovative and useful to the world.

Mr. Bass and his associate have criticized pharmaceutical companies for making drugs too expensive. Mr. Bass has the knowledge that one a pharmaceutical drug is freed from a patent, the prices of any generic drug will decrease, especially has demand increases. Mr. Bass sees the irony behind a pharmaceutical drug that was designed to improve the lives of people, moaning about the decreasing prices that will occur with the loss of the patent. The mission of Mr. Bass and his associate is to bring down the artificially high prices in order to make the drugs more readily available to the public. In addition to this, both men believe it to be unfair that non-innovative pharmaceutical companies can profit so highly off of a generic drug.

Kyle Bass is an expert within this field as he has been noted to be a genius within the hedge fund and investment industry. His Dallas-based hedge fund was founded in 2006 and met true success when he correctly guessed the financial crisis of 2008. Ever since that notable event, Mr. Bass has been the one to turn to when people are in need of investment advice.  Although there have been some pretty major critics of his techniques, and one of the best analysis pieces on the subject was from UsefulStooges.

Mr. Bass’ extensive knowledge within the investment industry makes him the number one opponent to the pharmaceutical companies that which he believes are overpricing generic drugs despite the demand. With that said, he and his associate have began non-profit campaigns to fight for this injustice to make more and more pharmaceutical drugs more readily available to the public at a less expensive rate.


The Success Story Behind Kevin Seawright in the Financial World

Over the years, many countries across the world have continued to produce professional personalities that have impacted on economic development positively. Education has been at the center stage in ensuring economic development of many countries. This has resulted in many people and companies benefiting in the knowledge acquired from schools. Financial and administrative personalities have emerged and injected the much needed knowledge of business administration into the dynamic market structures. Kevin Seawright is a notable personality in the world of financial services and business administration where he has propelled many countries into successful ventures. Currently he is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, they just hired him last year. In a recent interview with Worldclass magazine, Kevin Seawright outlined the successful story behind his career.

He started working as a teenager when his parents introduced him to stewardship at the age of 12 years. This was his first step towards developing a friendly relationship with the rest of the community. He worked for a youth organization in Philadelphia where he interacted successfully through the project with other needy pupils of the community. Kevin Seawright recognizes the benefit of getting to study and receive formal education. This is because through college education, he has contributed a lot in the changing of people’s lives and recognizes the usefulness of online education that has continued to help many people across the world. Success comes from both the family members and friends. This has been his pillar for success and contributing to community development through helping needy people has also boosted his spirit as a successful person. His need to help the poor has also facilitated him in ensuring poor people access loans at lower rates from his organization since most of them are chased away by the commercial loans.

His exemplary leadership skills and data analysis skills have contributed much in the success story behind Kevin Seawright, and it’s translated to a lot of interest for his career on Twitter. This has been the best weapon he has employed in the development of sophisticated and better communication channels across many companies. Kevin Seawright has a wealth of experience and a rich background through his numerous good deeds he has done to improve the lives of the oppressed. With over 13 years experience in the industry, he has worked as managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission where he helped in redesigning accounting system which helped the company to save 100,000 dollars in funds. This was seen as the most secure way of doing business and he was later moved to the position of Payroll Director of Housing Authority. The company collaborates with other state organs to ensure the living standard of people living in Newark is improved. This is through supporting the small sized business opportunities to develop into recognized entities globally.