The Power of Giving – AYM Magazine Call for Photo Submission

If you are a young aspiring photographer (or young at heart), here is your fat chance to have your photography published in our ASEAN Youth Movement Magazine’s the 2012 issue: Volunteerism in ASEAN!

Under the theme ‘The Power of Giving’, we are seriously interested in the entries of ‘inspiring shots’ that can well communicate with our readers to encourage them to take volunteer action and showing them how volunteerism is important and powerful in for young generation in making a positive change in our changing society. Only 5 most qualified photos will be selected to publish in our magazine in March 2012.

Submission Criteria:
Photo entry can be taken from anywhere around the world. One photographer can
send no more than 3 photos according to the given theme. Your photo entry must be original and never been published in any publication. Retouched pictures using Photoshop technique are NOT eligible to submit. Dimension of a picture must be at least 2000×3000 pixels.

In each photo, please include below detail:
1. Caption for your photo (not only describing the action in the photo, but also the meaningful message with in the picture that you want to communicate with the audiences)
2. Photographer’s name and surname
3. Your age, where you are from, city and country
4. Photographer’s organization/institute/network (if you have)
5. The location of the photo taken (city, province and country)

Where to Send
Your pictures should be sent in JPEG format only. All 5 details should be written in
WinWord file. Email both packages to and do NOT forget to name the email subject as ‘AYM: The Power of Giving’

When is the Deadline:
20 February 2012

A fat chance to inspire thousands of others to make a change by your photo.
Submit your entry NOW!

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