The Teens with the Motion Mirror

Story by Weerapun Sopasuk
Photo by SKW STUDiO


(Left – not including a girl)
Suphanat Namwong (Gus)
Supakorn Sinthijareon (O)
Wongsakorn Khamwong (Best)
Nattanon Yukhong (Non)
Jedsadha Yodsurang (Pae)

Sisaketwittayalai School, Sisaket, Thailand – Five Grade twelve students, called “SKW STUDiO” (Sisaketwtiitayalai School Studio), made several short films presenting teenage problems in school. They enthusiasm created a clip for a short film contest. Before sending the clip to the committee, they posted it on YouTube. Accidently, the given film was publicly known and was widely spread out the site of which the viewers mostly are Thai Teenagers.

Moreover, they produced a short film to compete in “Panasonic MV DIY by Lumix 2011” which was a video contest in Thailand during the month of October. They successfully got 2nd runner-up prize on the final contest. It is amazed that SKW STUDiO was an only team belonging to high school institution among the other teams coming from university level.

“We have established our group since last July (2011)”, Supanut said. “We join the group because we have a passionate interest in photography at first, but after that we turned our focus on making videos”, Supakorn said. In addition, Supanut said that “In stead of buying an expensive handy video camera for making a clip, we make videos by using only a pro – digital camera of which having video function.’

“Because we like Room 39, a famous alternative pop-band in Thailand, our first short film is “Nuang” (Ambivalently in love), which is based from a similar name’s song. We made a cover music video for fun at the first step. Then, we change to make a clip representing social problems as following teachers’ guidance.

Thus, we made a short film “Kae Kao Jai” (Just Understand Me) for explain a teenager’s problem on the July. We give an example as a situation of a student who always lately come to school and is always blamed by teachers who did not know the exact cause of problem.”, Supanut said.

“We did it for participating in an academic contest in our province, Sisaket. The contest should be held on August but it was postponed until November. Then we released the short film on YouTube after the tardiness. Although we knew a rule of the contest that it did not allow the contestant to launch the work before the contest happening, we did it. The short film became famous on internet especially at students community, though we did not expect the reputation as a result.”, Wongsakorn said.

The team said “We did another short film for Lumix contest by chance. A music Video cover named “Nuang : representing a love problem of a teen couple.,” that we had made since august, fortunately fit with the purpose of the competition that require a song sang by Room 39. Then, we passed to the ten teams final Round. And finally, we made another clip in the completion and successfully got 2nd runner – up prize in the contest on the last October (2011).”

However, the main purpose in the interview is that the teens make short films for representing social problems because they are interested to show teenage social problems. “At first, we did it for teachers’ guidance but cyber fans admire the film we did. It urged us to present the problems seriously. For example, “Kae Kao Jai” (Just Understand Me) clip, we need to make awareness of the understanding the deepest mind of late- school students, for parents, teachers, and student. Nattanon spoke instead everyone.

“We are proud of making short films as a seriously hobby and we love to do it for society. However, we should control the process that it will not ruin our and school’s famous. Now, we do make short films as a social mirror seriously after we are known from “Kae Kao Jai” (Just Understand Me)”, the team said.

Finally, they told that they are hoping to continue studying in the field of photography and film in university after finishing their high school (They graduated the degree on the late of March 2012) with various reasons. Nuttanon explained .
“Although I graduated from this school, I still need to make the same short films providing that I have a chance to reunite with my friends. I think we will be a great team producing the same short in various social phenomenons.

“Moreover, we may reunion to make MV and VDO clip beside short film.” Supakorn gave an answer that “After I graduated from this school, I think we will reunite to make the same short film for broadcasting other social problems that we never touch. However, Wongsakorn gave a different opinion that “We will reunite exactly but I personally would rather to make MV than the same short films. It will pave a way for new experiences.”

Note: You can follow them and watch their YouTube short films on

You can watch this short film at:

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