The Success Story Behind Kevin Seawright in the Financial World

Over the years, many countries across the world have continued to produce professional personalities that have impacted on economic development positively. Education has been at the center stage in ensuring economic development of many countries. This has resulted in many people and companies benefiting in the knowledge acquired from schools. Financial and administrative personalities have emerged and injected the much needed knowledge of business administration into the dynamic market structures. Kevin Seawright is a notable personality in the world of financial services and business administration where he has propelled many countries into successful ventures. Currently he is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, they just hired him last year. In a recent interview with Worldclass magazine, Kevin Seawright outlined the successful story behind his career.

He started working as a teenager when his parents introduced him to stewardship at the age of 12 years. This was his first step towards developing a friendly relationship with the rest of the community. He worked for a youth organization in Philadelphia where he interacted successfully through the project with other needy pupils of the community. Kevin Seawright recognizes the benefit of getting to study and receive formal education. This is because through college education, he has contributed a lot in the changing of people’s lives and recognizes the usefulness of online education that has continued to help many people across the world. Success comes from both the family members and friends. This has been his pillar for success and contributing to community development through helping needy people has also boosted his spirit as a successful person. His need to help the poor has also facilitated him in ensuring poor people access loans at lower rates from his organization since most of them are chased away by the commercial loans.

His exemplary leadership skills and data analysis skills have contributed much in the success story behind Kevin Seawright, and it’s translated to a lot of interest for his career on Twitter. This has been the best weapon he has employed in the development of sophisticated and better communication channels across many companies. Kevin Seawright has a wealth of experience and a rich background through his numerous good deeds he has done to improve the lives of the oppressed. With over 13 years experience in the industry, he has worked as managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission where he helped in redesigning accounting system which helped the company to save 100,000 dollars in funds. This was seen as the most secure way of doing business and he was later moved to the position of Payroll Director of Housing Authority. The company collaborates with other state organs to ensure the living standard of people living in Newark is improved. This is through supporting the small sized business opportunities to develop into recognized entities globally.

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