QNET Reaches Out To Another Community That Is Enduring Peril Times

QNET, the global corporation that leads the industry in eCommerce, online shopping and business resources, recently got involved in its latest charity effort to help the victims of the Chennai floods. After the Chennai floods struck, QNET’s charity division, QNET – WE CARE, mobilized relief efforts to help the victims in various ways. For example, representatives from QNET made a special presentation at the first annual IFFA Utsavam awards ceremony, and QNET donated Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Chennai Flood Relief program.

This most recent tragedy in Chennai has placed a lot of emotional, physical and financial stress on the residents of the region. QNET – WE CARE has stayed very active in the relief process to ensure that people who lost everything will have the basic necessities that they need to function day-to-day, until they are able to rebuild. For example, the QNET – WE CARE program recently donated hundreds of household relief kits, which contained items like pots, bedding, mats and more. Over the years, QNET – WE CARE has partnered with other businesses and organizations, such as Lion Dist. 317 and Lion’s Club to generously contribute to the needs of people in traumatic situations.

The work culture within the offices of QNET fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer and charitable initiatives. The company’s employees have mobilized relief efforts to provide support for the homeless and for various medical initiatives.

QNET is an Indian-based company that has created a template for multi-cultural and multi-racial businesses to work together. QNET is considered the fastest growing eCommerce business that offers a variety of essential goods, eco-friendly products and luxury items. QNET has a community spirit that positively influences its employees, affiliates and sponsors. 

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