IAP Worldwide Services Offer Expert Services with Regard to Operating in Remote Environments

Operating in out-of-the-way places can present special challenges. The preceding reason is precisely why agencies of the government as well as national security entities rely on the expertise of IAP Worldwide Services for support. We are able to construct and maintain medical facilities, as well as build and maintain a permanent infrastructure. Our solutions are designed and customized with regard to a specific client’s request and budget. Our solutions are provided in order that the client has more control of his or her environment.

IAP Worldwide Services constructs buildings, conducts operations and assures maintenance of various environments the world over. Our organization is capable of managing a mass of various diverse facilities anywhere from housing at oilfield locations to units for militaristic personnel to laboratories at research facilities in out-of-the-way places. In order to meet such diverse requirements of the client base, our personnel involve themselves in every relative skill imaginable, such as running a small town, to training residential laborers; subcontracting the resources of local merchants, encouraging stimulus as far as localized economies and creating new employment.

A Solid Foundation is Necessary: IAP Worldwide Services makes it a point to partner with customers from the very start of a project. The preceding is necessary in order to properly ascertain the best way to go about designing the correct facility. Our organization offers the customer with a broad-based selection with respect to design of the facility and relative engineering services. Engineering services include a visual assessment, planning, two dimensional and three dimensional modeling and more. Dependent on the requirements of the client, IAP Worldwide Services offers the client with the capability of re-doing an infrastructure that is currently in existence or constructing a completely new facility. All facilities are LEED certified.

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IAP Worldwide Services offers it client with a modular system design which is scalable. The community environment is scalable in way of single unit quarters, bedroom suites, and custom built units. Private rooms are also an option. Our organization provides our clients with a nice variety of other modular entities and options including workshops, infirmaries, office areas, kitchens, laundering facilities, and power generation areas. The modular units make housing setups flawlessly expeditious.

Temporary Housing Solutions: IAP Worldwide Services is capable of building for its client temporary housing units. We handle the community setup from start to finish inclusive of designing the community, building the community and maintaining the communal environment. Our organization offers our client with services in way of project design; and architectural and CAD design. We communicate closely with all parties involved during the design and engineering portions of the project in order to properly assure the needs of the customer as well as the temporary community are met. Necessities are addressed in the way of operations, maintenance, food service, catering, entertainment and recreation; community safety and security, utilities and healthcare services.

It is clear that IAP Worldwide services assures every detail is met regardless of the project. It is advisable, then, with IAP Worldwide Services track record of favorable high-tech solutions and knowledge that the customer seeking housing in remote locations, contact us for further information.

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