Want Personalized Outfits from Kate Hudson Sent To Your Door?

You can now have personalized outfits picked out by Hollywood actress and celebrity Kate Hudson sent to your home at the beginning of each month. The famous and fashion savvy Kate Hudson was inspired to share her unrivaled fashion sense with her fans and anyone else who wants to look Hollywood good during their time at the gym. She started an online company called Fabletics, which sends its members outfits and accessories picked out for them based on their own fashion preferences and lifestyle.

The outfits are chosen based on questions you answer about how you like to workout, which activities you like the most, and which fashion trends call out to you the most. The answers on thekrazycouponlady.com generated are used to create a profile that is used to determine which products are the most “you”. It is like having Kate Hudson as your own personal fashion coordinator! Who could ask for anything more than that? Imagine, having your own celebrity fashion coordinator.

This has taken off very well, and countless people are signing up and being wowed by the accuracy of the selections, the ease of use and the amazing looks they are receiving. Fabletics has been doing so well that they have even been able to open several offline stores, with as many as 100 new stores expected to open in the coming three to five years. Even Forbes has noticed Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.

In 2013, Hudson’s idea went from thought to online reality. In 2015, it become a physical reality with brick and mortar locations being established in Las Vegas, Ohio and more on Pinterest. The company is unique and has their own way of doing things, a trait that has really helped them to be successful. Kate Hudson practically films every commercial on her smartphone!

Each month, members of Fabletics pay a membership fee of only $49.95, and after new members answer the short survey about their preferences, members receive their products. With the option to put their membership on hold for a month without penalty, members are free to enjoy the celebrity picked Hollywood fashion that caters directly to their own personal tastes. This is a unique company, and the way they handle things is unique as well. Their members feel quite at home with the choices made by Fabletics and the new, high class fashion savvy outfits on adweek.com they get to wear to the gym and the beach.

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