FreedomPop: The Truly Free Cell Phone Service

As a new startup, FreedomPop has taken the cell phone industry by storm, primarily because they claim to offer a totally free cell phone service. Like everything else, it does come with a catch – however, even digging deeper one finds out the service truly is free.


They recently made some news with their added $30 million in funding, and they seem poised to continue to grow their business independently, as least according to CEO and co-founder Stephen Sokols.


Of course, many people may wonder if this service is still free. After all, this is the year 2016, and we are no longer enmeshed in the dark ages of dial-up internet. For these people, the answer is still yes, and here is what is provided on your free services with FreedomPop.


Naturally, in looking at any FreedomPop review, you have to first and foremost look at their free services. These services are great for a certain class of people, and one of the great things about the FreedomPop cell phone company is that they have a great amount of integrity about them. Yes, the service is indeed free, but it is for light users. FreedomPop does offer 500MB of 4G data in addition to 200 voice minutes and unlimited texting, but the sending and receiving of texts alone will eat up that low amount of data.


If you go over your data allotment, this is where a little bit of education comes into play. You need to be aware that FreedomPop is going to automatically charge you $10 as a top-up fee.


Moreover, they also have several plans that you can utilize if you go over your 500MB allotment of data, with most of them costing around 2 cents per extra MB. In short, this is a great phone option for someone who simply desires a phone for calling and light texting. This of course wouldn’t make a great phone if you have a teenager or music aficionado in your house. So the answer is yes, this service is free. As long as you do your homework, you very well could have a cell phone service that could become a valuable asset to you.

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