Helane Morrison: A Strong Financial Law Leader

Helane Morrison is an investment expert and the enforcer of securities laws at Hall Capital Partners, the firm where she is currently General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Morrison had previously been enforcing securities laws while working with the SEC itself in the San Francisco office. She had already spent years as a lawyer prosecuting financial predators, and with the SEC she was ready to take down the big guys. She went after several big corporations including McKesson Corp and Franklin Resources who were committing securities violations, fraud, and backdating stocks. She would take no prisoners when it came to challenging the big corporations and their attorneys.


Helane Morrison started out interested in journalism, having earned a degree in that field from Northwestern University. She later attended the University of California at Berkley where she went to law school, and she began as a clerk at the seventh circuit of the US Court of Appeals, serving the Hon. Richard Posner. She later clerked for US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, who became a role model for Morrison and helped shape her future career. She moved from clerking into private law practice in 1986, joining the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became interested in prosecuting financial criminals and filing lawsuits on behalf of those who were wronged financially. She won many cases, and as a result was hired at the SEC.


She started at the SEC as a local enforcer, but then became District Administrator and later Regional Manager. She turned that SEC branch from a law enforcement division only concerned with small perpetrators, to one that brought down big corporate crooks. Morrison decided that she wanted to do more than just bring bad financial players to justice, she wanted to be a part of a company who stood for integrity and ethics in finance. So she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, a firm run by CEO Kathryn Hall and a team of qualified investment advisors. Throughout the years, Morrison has helped the firm uphold a reputation of sound investment decision-making, and unshaken by even the financial crisis of 2008.


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