Pattiz Announces launch of beyond the darkness

You think you know about the supernatural world? There is, after all, a lot to cover. First, you’ve got ghosts and goblins. Then you’ve got angels and demons. But don’t forget about miracles and UFOs. Luckily, there’s a new podcast debuting that will challenge everything you think you know about these topics and more.


The podcast, which comes out Monday, is called “Beyond The Darkness.” It’s the newest of a slew of shows on the podcast network, “PodcastOne Umbrella.” The network is run by WWE star Chris Jericho. The “Beyond The Darkness” podcast will be co-hosted by the esteemed author and radio host Dave Schrader, along with the radio producer and host Tim Dennis. Episodes are slated to be released every Monday on the show’s website, iTunes, and the PodcastOne App. The two co-hosts look forward to having lengthy debates and fascinating conversations with the world’s most renowned supernatural researchers, and people who have had firsthand supernatural experiences.


While Chris Jericho is part of the network, Norman Pattiz is the original founder and today serves as the Executive Chairman of the PodcastOne network. Pattiz, in a recent statement to the press, expressed his excitement about the new podcast and its brash co-hosts. He said that Chris Jericho is one of the network’s Most Valuable Players. Furthermore, he said that they always planned to expand the network out of just wrestling coverage.


For his part, Jericho said that he found the addition of the new podcast exhilarating. He said that Schrader and Dennis are top-of-line paranormal podcasters, and was looking forward to engaging with their massive fan base.


Pattiz has had a distinguished podcasting career. Besides founding PodcastOne, the country’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network, he’s also founded Westwood One, a major player in the radio world. The PodcastOne Network hosts many of the country’s top podcasts, including those of Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Neil Strauss, Jay Mohr, and others.


Last May 2016 Forbes Magazine honored Pattiz with an in-depth, four-page, profile. Before turning to podcasting, Pattiz worked for 40 years in radio syndication. He perceived that there were hidden opportunities in the podcast industry. It was similar to radio, but the hosts had greater ability to talk about whatever they (or their fans) wanted. The podcasts were, moreover, more convenient for potential listeners. Instead of having to tune in at a certain time, listeners could download the podcast they wanted and listen to it at their leisure.


So, in 2012, Pattiz founded the network. It quickly mushroomed and became the industry’s leading producer and distributor.


Aside from business, Pattiz has also done a fair amount of public service. He was appointed by both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.

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