Roberto Santiago, the man behind Brazil’s most iconic malls

When it comes to success in business, the secret ingredient is making wise and smart choices. That sometimes entails making risky moves which others are often not willing to take. Many business people have done so, and they are now swimming in success, and one man who stands out is Roberto Santiago. Roberto who is of Brazilian origin proves that you need not come from a wealthy family to thrive and somewhat being creative and wise is all it takes. He was born and brought up in Joao Pessoa where he attended the Pio X-Marist College and later took his studies a notch higher at the University center of Joao Pessoa. Roberto graduated with an undergraduate degree in business administration an aspect of his life which we can say contributes a lot to his skills. However, he did not just become successful overnight instead he worked for it and began from scratch through the design and manufacture of cardboard boxes. Santiago would then sell the final product to local companies which used them for packaging purposes. Roberto had the entrepreneurial culture, and instead of using the profits earned for pleasure, he invested in real estate, and since then he has never looked back as he continues to take on the world. He is one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs in Brazil and is the owner of one of the most famous shopping mall in this country known as Manaira. Roberto bought the land in which the manaira mall lay today back in 1987, and it took him about two years to develop it.

The shopping mall began small with several financial and education institutions, shopping stores, eateries and a gym. Today it is one of the biggest one-stop malls comprising of commercial facilities such as banks, educational and also recreational facilities. Being an entertainment maniac, Roberto continues to develop the mall by making several additions. For instance, today the mall boasts high tech 3D rooms which go a long way in adding a touch of thrill to the experience of the visitors, and a modern cinema which is equipped with state of the art equipment’s hence guarantees the theater lovers an unforgettable experience. Recently there were several additions which seek to take the experience of each visitor a notch higher such as a gaming and bowling alley. The mall also has a concert hall which can accommodate about fourteen thousand people comfortable though 10000 will have to stand. The hall is quite a high tech as it is soundproofed, boasts music systems and is air-conditioned to ensure that anyone who holds a function there will have no room for disappointments. Additionally, Roberto Santiago makes the comfort of everyone his priority and that is why the mall has anything that you may need such as bookshops, spas and many other states of the art facilities.

As if not enough, Roberto Santiago did not stop there and say that he has achieved it all instead he began another shopping mall known as Mangeira in 2013 which like Manaira is doing quite well and continues to grow day by day. He has indeed helped the economy of Brazil and also its people in general through the provision of employment and even entertainment.


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