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How Wen Can Give You Better Hair

These days, many consumers are looking for hair care products that are both effective and all-natural. The hair care line from Wen fits this description, since the products are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Wen’s styling and cleansing ingredients also include plant extracts and essential oils to keep the hair healthy and shiny while giving the coif and pleasant and refreshing scent.

The cleansing conditioners from Wen are among the most popular products from the line. The sweet almond oil conditioner is formulated to moisturize the hair and smooth the tresses. The pomegranate conditioner is created to prevent dryness and breakage and the lavender conditioner is filled with soothing ingredients that prevents itching and gets rid of scalp impurities. The conditioners by Chaz Dean ( can also be mixed with water and used as a leave-in treatment to keep the hair looking its best all day long.

Wen also provides a mousse that is applied to the hair after washing to lock in moisture and help the hair maintain its natural curl or wave pattern. The styling creme is another great product for helping the hair retain moisture and preventing friskiness. Wen also provides the intense hair care treatment that is great for restoring hair that has been damaged due to extreme heat or chemical treatments.

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Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty , and an expression of self-love.’ These words by Ademola Mandella ring true on every ladies’ head. Every woman knows what a struggle it is maintaining your hair especially those with frizzy and kinky hair. But as we all know, life is too short for dull hair, and your hair is among your best appurtenance. There are a million different hair products worldwide and it makes it a pain staking undertaking when choosing the right products for your hair. There are also natural homemade hair products like masks, that help protects our hair, but this product Wen by Chaz Dean beats them all.

We all know growing up lathered up hair was considered super clean. It was clean but left the hair feeling dry and sometimes itchy, depending on the shampoo and conditioner used. The revolutionary Wen Cleansing Conditioner has a 5-in-1 concoction that incorporates shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It has the whole combination of all hair care products in one bottle!! That’s not all. This miracle in a bottle contains the ultimate blend of components that include almond and mint and it is lather free. The mastermind behind this great creation, celebrity stylist Chaz Dean toiled for five years trying samples on his hair until he got the perfect product that he could back 100%.

This Sephora so called “great product” cleanses your hair without lathering or harsh sulfates found in other shampoos and conditioners, and is made not to remove natural oils from your hair and scalp, leaving it secure, manageable, moisturized and ameliorates color retention. It leaves your hair so light and silky. An absolute must have for any woman who loves looking stylish and ravishing. WEN by Chaz Dean products also include Anti-Frizz styling crème that takes out the frizz and moisturizes, lessens breakage and gives body and shine, the Nourishing Mousse that gives hair shine and soft and a whole volume. So grab the WEN by Chaz Dean products and watch your hair and your life take a beautiful and sassy turn. After all, hair doesn’t make a woman, but Sterling hair helps.