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“Brexit” Creates Additional Uncertainty in Global Markets

The global economy continues to struggle in the wake of the “Brexit” vote. For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, Britain recently voted to leave the European Union. Membership in the union has ramifications that make economic trading across international borders easier. By leaving the European Union, Britain will be forced to negotiate different trade agreements with every other European country. This will become a logistical nightmare that will only serve to slow down trade across British borders. Unfortunately, this vote comes on the heels of the recent economic downturn in the United States. This United States marketplace continues to struggle to recover from the burst of the housing bubble. With so much turmoil in the international economy, traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are more unpredictable than ever. People can quickly lose everything through either ineptitude with investments or bad luck.

It is important for people looking to preserve the financial security of their families to diversify their assets. This is where rare Earth metals come in. The first economies operated on using rare metals as forms of currency. People could trade these metals for goods and services. Metals such as gold and silver were the most common ancient forms of currency. These metals have persisted as forms of currency even to this day. In today’s markets, gold is the most popular hedge against paper money. This means that as paper money decreases in value, gold becomes more valuable. With the Federal Reserve pumping paper money into the economy to prop up the markets, gold has risen in value markedly in recent years. Furthermore, many experts believe silver is undervalued in today’s market. This provides room for silver to increase in value.

The US Money Reserve knows that investors need to look at rare Earth metals as a hedge against the unpredictable stock and bond market. In addition, rare Earth metals are a great way to ensure the financial security of families all over the world. That’s why the US Money Reserve is offering a special Brexit Gold Coin. Made with actual gold, this coin allows people to physically hold their rare Earth metal investment. In addition, this gold coin will never completely lose its value. While companies can go bankrupt, the intrinsic gold metal will always have some value, ensuring that its value will never drop to zero. With so many unique properties, the time is right to invest in the Brexit Gold Coin.

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