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Roberto Santiago, the man behind Brazil’s most iconic malls

When it comes to success in business, the secret ingredient is making wise and smart choices. That sometimes entails making risky moves which others are often not willing to take. Many business people have done so, and they are now swimming in success, and one man who stands out is Roberto Santiago. Roberto who is of Brazilian origin proves that you need not come from a wealthy family to thrive and somewhat being creative and wise is all it takes. He was born and brought up in Joao Pessoa where he attended the Pio X-Marist College and later took his studies a notch higher at the University center of Joao Pessoa. Roberto graduated with an undergraduate degree in business administration an aspect of his life which we can say contributes a lot to his skills. However, he did not just become successful overnight instead he worked for it and began from scratch through the design and manufacture of cardboard boxes. Santiago would then sell the final product to local companies which used them for packaging purposes. Roberto had the entrepreneurial culture, and instead of using the profits earned for pleasure, he invested in real estate, and since then he has never looked back as he continues to take on the world. He is one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs in Brazil and is the owner of one of the most famous shopping mall in this country known as Manaira. Roberto bought the land in which the manaira mall lay today back in 1987, and it took him about two years to develop it.

The shopping mall began small with several financial and education institutions, shopping stores, eateries and a gym. Today it is one of the biggest one-stop malls comprising of commercial facilities such as banks, educational and also recreational facilities. Being an entertainment maniac, Roberto continues to develop the mall by making several additions. For instance, today the mall boasts high tech 3D rooms which go a long way in adding a touch of thrill to the experience of the visitors, and a modern cinema which is equipped with state of the art equipment’s hence guarantees the theater lovers an unforgettable experience. Recently there were several additions which seek to take the experience of each visitor a notch higher such as a gaming and bowling alley. The mall also has a concert hall which can accommodate about fourteen thousand people comfortable though 10000 will have to stand. The hall is quite a high tech as it is soundproofed, boasts music systems and is air-conditioned to ensure that anyone who holds a function there will have no room for disappointments. Additionally, Roberto Santiago makes the comfort of everyone his priority and that is why the mall has anything that you may need such as bookshops, spas and many other states of the art facilities.

As if not enough, Roberto Santiago did not stop there and say that he has achieved it all instead he began another shopping mall known as Mangeira in 2013 which like Manaira is doing quite well and continues to grow day by day. He has indeed helped the economy of Brazil and also its people in general through the provision of employment and even entertainment.



David Osio- The Brains Behind Davos Financial Group

Davos REG (Real Estate Group) recently announced that it would be launching a mobile app dubbed the CAP Calculator. The application helps clients estimate how much to expect from an investment in real estate.



Objectives of Davos REG



Davos REG is among the several affiliate companies of “Davos Financial Group”, a financial corporation operating internationally and great reputation particularly in Latin America. This financial group has been in the business of providing financial advice for more than two decades. The objectives of this organization are to develop a strategy for investment bearing in mind the specific needs and expectations of its clients.



The Origin of the CAP Calculator



In the past six months, Davos REG’s executive director, Gerard Gonzalez, has been collaborating with Tecknolution, a digital design company, on the development and design of the CAP Calculator. The application allows you to calculate the gains from an investment in property considering all the expenses used on the property.



The CAP Calculator was developed using modern technology features and can be utilized through Android and iPhone devices. This calculator will be the pioneer of other applications that will be developed, in the near future, for identifying properties via mobile gadgets enabling you to send historical reports on particular real estate assets to your investment professional at Davos through chat.



When asked where the idea of a calculator came from, David Osio remarked that Davos REG reached the decision based on its business objectives and the need for developing an application that offered financial guidance to its clients with regards to investment in real estate.



According to Gonzalez, the application is a tool which gives investors a better picture of the financial aspects associated with investing in a particular property. Investors are able to estimate the rent of a property based on their projected income.



One of the other benefits of the application is the “mortgage calculator”, a feature which helps clients estimate the price of mortgage considering bank projections, the period for funding, and interest rates.



About David Osio



David Osio is the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group in Venezuela. From its establishment in 1993, Osio has been dedicated to offering advice on financial investment. Under the leadership of Osio, the company has acquired enormous profits and strategically positioned many licensed and independent companies in major cities such as Miami, Panama, Geneva, and New York.



Osio graduated from the Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela. He has also studied International Banking Law. Some of the awards he has attained are the US Congress Medal of Honor and the Miami Award Winner (2014).



Cotemar Forced to Lay Off 2300 Workers, But Optimistic On Future

Cotemar, Mexico’s leading oil services firm, was forced to lay off over 2,300 employees throughout 2016. This amounted to nearly a quarter of the company’s total workforce and led to considerable hardships, both for its employees and for Ciudad Del Carmen in the state of Campeche.


Campechanos, as the state’s residents are called, rely on the volatile Mexican crude oil business more than employees in any other state. Downturns in the crude oil business can hit families particularly hard. Often times, the main breadwinner of a household will be employed, in some capacity, in the petroleum sector. But even for households with two income earners, in a state where 80% of the workforce is employed in petroleum extraction, it’s likely that any downturn in the petroleum sector will lead to both income earners being laid off. Despite its close approximation to a first-world country, Mexico lacks the same quality of social safety net that’s found in other developed nations. This means families that lose their sole source of income are often left in dire circumstances, forced to borrow money from loved ones, send family members illegally to the United States or, in some cases, even consider working for Mexico’s powerful organized crime networks, which are always accepting applications.


But Campechanos have plenty of reason for optimism. In 2013, President Nieto signed into law sweeping reforms that will open Mexico’s petroleum sector to outside capital and firms, infusing much needed investment into developing and bringing online wells that will extract Mexico’s vast reserves of untapped hard oil. This oil, which Mexico itself has, thus far, lacked the capital or expertise to extract, is buried deep within shale deposits and in hard-to-reach, deep-water deposits located far from shore. Companies like Shell and Exxon Mobile have long track records of successfully extracting crude from such sites. With 90 billion barrels of untapped, potentially extractable oil, these companies’ entrance to the Mexican market has the potential to rocket Mexico back to the top of the list of global oil producing nations.


Cotemar and the residents of Ciudad del Carmen will be among the biggest winners from this bounteous new era for Mexico and its petroleum business.

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Keith Mann: The Man Behind the Philanthropy

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, animal activist, and is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. His company specialize in hedge funds and alternative investments. They have been involved in numerous community projects and have raised over $22,000 for Uncommon Schools of New York in March of last year.

Keith Mann was quoted as saying “We are excited to be working with Uncommon Schools…We have had a tour of the schools, programming and even sat in on classes and meetings with seniors. It was inspiring to see how motivated these students are to enter college. Students are eager to learn about how best to position themselves for college, internships and future careers.”

Keith Mann started his own career in the industry over fifteen years ago. After identifying the hedge fund market as a quickly growing opportunity, he narrowed his focus and started his own company. While they specialize in alternative investments, they remain a very community oriented company, from supporting the New York City Police Department by supplying lunch to raising money to open new schools and help to send disadvantaged youth to college.

Last January Dynamic Search Partners announced a scholarship program called the ‘Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement’. This scholarship is awarded to one young innovative business leader each year at Uncommon Schools of New York and allows them the opportunity to continue to further their education by attending college. The program is open every year to all eligible seniors of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York.


Keeping Your Business’s Online Reputation In Check

Have recent events left you feeling like you may need to clean up your business’s online reputation? You may need a search engine optimizer, otherwise known as SEO. You may need to seek a SEO if you need help with keyword searches, online business development campaigns, or marketing expertise.
The best time to hire a SEO is early on. For instance, if only recently your company has received bad reviews online or other negative press then consulting a SEO could very well diminish the problem before it grows. SEOs are still helpful later on after the problem has grown, but as with the containment of anything unwanted, getting a start early on is beneficial.

Fix Search Results can provide experienced assistance in getting your business’s reputation back on track. After all, you worked hard to build your bushiness and its reputation so you’ll want to take this image restoration process seriously. The only way to do so is seeking the help of those qualified to get the job done. Fix Search Results has effectively managed the reputation of many successful Fortune 500 companies. Their staff is based 100% in the U.S. and is prepared to helpfully assist their clients with free introductory quotes and meetings. Not to mention, they have already served thousands of people who are in your shoes.

This is a time in your business’s existence to take very seriously and to handle efficiently. Don’t be overwhelmed, there are professionals that can help with the restoration of your business’s reputation. Stay focused on why you began your business and serving your clients better than before. Leave the reputation management up to those who are well qualified to do so. You’ll be back on track in no time!


QNET Reaches Out To Another Community That Is Enduring Peril Times

QNET, the global corporation that leads the industry in eCommerce, online shopping and business resources, recently got involved in its latest charity effort to help the victims of the Chennai floods. After the Chennai floods struck, QNET’s charity division, QNET – WE CARE, mobilized relief efforts to help the victims in various ways. For example, representatives from QNET made a special presentation at the first annual IFFA Utsavam awards ceremony, and QNET donated Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Chennai Flood Relief program.

This most recent tragedy in Chennai has placed a lot of emotional, physical and financial stress on the residents of the region. QNET – WE CARE has stayed very active in the relief process to ensure that people who lost everything will have the basic necessities that they need to function day-to-day, until they are able to rebuild. For example, the QNET – WE CARE program recently donated hundreds of household relief kits, which contained items like pots, bedding, mats and more. Over the years, QNET – WE CARE has partnered with other businesses and organizations, such as Lion Dist. 317 and Lion’s Club to generously contribute to the needs of people in traumatic situations.

The work culture within the offices of QNET fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer and charitable initiatives. The company’s employees have mobilized relief efforts to provide support for the homeless and for various medical initiatives.

QNET is an Indian-based company that has created a template for multi-cultural and multi-racial businesses to work together. QNET is considered the fastest growing eCommerce business that offers a variety of essential goods, eco-friendly products and luxury items. QNET has a community spirit that positively influences its employees, affiliates and sponsors. 

Oh, yes! #QNET #SuccessTips

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The QNET system is designed to mentor successful entrepreneurs. The compensation program gives independent business owners the opportunity to build tremendous wealth by using the QNET eCommerce wealth building program. I personally believe that QNET is demonstrating a great ability to be a global leader in the IT and sales sector. Actually, I know people who have used some of QNET’s products, such as the travel membership package that has over 2,000 resorts in its travel plan. The package deals are very popular among global travelers and the membership perks consistently receive high reviews. QNET also offers a wide selection of products, such as nutrition programs, luxury and collectible shopping and eco-friendly products, such as the HomePure 7-stage Water Filtration System.

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Mobile Video Visitation App by Securus Technologies

Visiting loved ones has always been a hard and time-consuming task. Driving to jail and waiting in line behind long queues only to have few minutes to spend with a loved one is not desirable. The person you are going to visit will not enjoy either as they never feel at home with the realization that they are in jail. Securus Technologies have made it easier by introducing a video visitation app that works with android and apple devices.

Securus video visitation app gives you a choice in how you can plan for visits to see your incarcerated loved ones. The application tries to make the visitation process easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Loved ones can share special moments like birthdays from jail and is not limited to any locality as it operates worldwide. At-home video visits give inmates an opportunity to be with their loved ones during special occasions and saves on time spent traveling. Using the visitation app, we can plan when to see our loved ones according to our schedules. Register for this software here:

The Securus video visitation application is available on Google play and the App Store. Additional features of the application include the ability to synchronize visitation details and receive notifications concerning upcoming visits and adjust their schedules accordingly. Users can also test Wi-Fi connections to ensure that they get the best video quality. The application gives users mobility to the rigid jail visitation system we are familiar with. If you have any issues downloading the app, Securus’ customer service team is standing by to answer any questions.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company focused on providing inmate communication technology solutions. The company serves over 2,000 correctional facilities in Canada and the USA. They provide inmate phone calls services, video services, and email services for inmates. The company provides emergency services for the clients as well as incident management, public information, carrying out investigations and biometric analysis, communication and information management, inmate self-service and other monitoring products and services.

With the aim of improving its services, Securus Technologies have recently added a senior sales executive to its team. The senior sales executive will be in charge of putting together a software-based sales team to accommodate the numerous, patented products made for law enforcement and correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies strives to make the world a safer place for people to live in by improving on the security provided by correctional centers. Ensuring inmates have improved communication facilities they can use to get in touch with loved ones is also being achieved in the process.


Russian Authorities Make a Statement for George Soros and his Charity Groups.



George Soros once opined that his successes in life grant him considerable independence and consequently the ability to take a stand on controversial issues. He feels obliged to say and do what others in compromising positions wish.


This statement describes and justifies most of George’s actions. In a world where societies are unjust and typical archaic thinking takes us back, George is that still and sensible voice of truth and justice. Over the decades, he has represented the interest of oppressed people and supported measures to get justice.


There exist many deeds affiliated to Soros. A classic example dated back to the Apartheid war in 1979. In a white-dominated South Africa, George Soros felt pained by the actions of racist to deny schooling facilities for blacks. He single-handed built schools and granted scholarships to the young children of the time. The prisons were also full of political detainees. George took note of the illegal incarceration trend and offered legal aid to represent detainees in court.


In Eastern Europe, the anti-communist movement came to life in the 1980’s. George Soros realized the need to support such campaigns meant to free the people. Through his contribution and that of other selfless people, communism was wiped out. The rehabilitation and rebuilding process prompted Soros to establish various projects and networks of Open Society Foundations. These efforts paid off handsomely with the transformation of Ukrainian and Northern Russian communities.


However, such difference-making projects haven’t failed to court controversy. Last year, the Russian government banned two projects in the country for spreading ideologies that undermine the Federation and the National Constitution. During the statement, officials raised concerns over national security as a result of the operations of the Soros-led groups. In Hungary where George Soros was born and bred, politicians criticized the foundations for encouraging illegal immigration.


This year, the Russian government has already acted on previous threats and launched a campaign to kill the projects started by the banned organizations. News reports from the northern part of the country reveal that government officials have been raiding College libraries in search of books donated by the Open Society Foundations. The books are said to contain pro-democratic and humanitarian ideologies.


Reports also revealed that 53 textbooks were set on fire at the Vorkuta Mining and Economic College while more were taken away for destruction. The Open Society Foundations remain silent concerning the issue.


Kyle Bass’ Mission Against Pharmaceutical Companies

Founder of the Hedge Fund, Hayman Capital Management, has made news by creating a case against pharmaceutical patents. This founder’s name is Kyle Bass and has made a fortune by correctly guessing the 2008 financial crisis that revolved around the real estate. His big bet against the subprime mortgages has earned him the title of being a genius. With his newly found fortune, Mr. Bass has now declared war against the exploitation of pharmaceutical patents. Mr. Bass believes that with patents, pharmaceutical drugs are more expensive and will increase in prices despite the overall quality of the pharmaceutical drug. The patents, according to Kyle Bass, keep the prices of pharmaceutical drugs high despite the high demand for some of them.

Mr. Bass has considered pharmaceutical patents to be both weak and abusive to the public. In mid-November of 2015, Mr. Bass has reportedly filed around 33 requests for patent reviews that are targeting 13 different drugs from 12 different companies. Mr. Bass and his associate, Mr. Spangenberg are noted experts when it comes to patents. Both men buy stock in the patents that are considered to them to be innovative and useful to the world.

Mr. Bass and his associate have criticized pharmaceutical companies for making drugs too expensive. Mr. Bass has the knowledge that one a pharmaceutical drug is freed from a patent, the prices of any generic drug will decrease, especially has demand increases. Mr. Bass sees the irony behind a pharmaceutical drug that was designed to improve the lives of people, moaning about the decreasing prices that will occur with the loss of the patent. The mission of Mr. Bass and his associate is to bring down the artificially high prices in order to make the drugs more readily available to the public. In addition to this, both men believe it to be unfair that non-innovative pharmaceutical companies can profit so highly off of a generic drug.

Kyle Bass is an expert within this field as he has been noted to be a genius within the hedge fund and investment industry. His Dallas-based hedge fund was founded in 2006 and met true success when he correctly guessed the financial crisis of 2008. Ever since that notable event, Mr. Bass has been the one to turn to when people are in need of investment advice.  Although there have been some pretty major critics of his techniques, and one of the best analysis pieces on the subject was from UsefulStooges.

Mr. Bass’ extensive knowledge within the investment industry makes him the number one opponent to the pharmaceutical companies that which he believes are overpricing generic drugs despite the demand. With that said, he and his associate have began non-profit campaigns to fight for this injustice to make more and more pharmaceutical drugs more readily available to the public at a less expensive rate.