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Market America’s Strategic Initiatives Driving Growth for over 25 Years

The continued success of Market America and the confidence it inspires in thousands of entrepreneurs are now much visible in the enthusiastic participation of its annual fete. The international convention of this year was held on 10th of August and went through to 13th of the same month. The conference also served to hold up as a celebration of the 25th anniversary since Market America was founded. The company was in the mood to showcase much of its developments that have given it a competitive edge. On show were different high-level technologies that maintain Market America leadership positions as an innovator, new strategic initiatives the company will undertake, and the shopping annuity program that definitely stands to revolutionize shopping experience for its clients.

In its bid to improve customer experiences, Market America acquired in 2010. The company hasn’t looked back since then, utilizing every opportunity to offer their clientele the combined advantages that came with the expansion. The shopping annuity program seeks to reward those who previously did their shopping on various other platforms and could now wish to complete their shopping experience through

SHOP.COM offers the necessary analytical tool that is needed to synthesize a customer’s spending history. Once the spending habit has been determined, the customer is then awarded up to 50 percent cash back on qualifying products. This, in essence, allows the customer to earn just for shopping. It in a way pays those who do frequent shopping for coming back one more time. This is, without doubt, an innovation. The strategic shopping annuity has resulted in unprecedented growth in Market America’s UnFranchise business model. UnFranchise business owners are experiencing trickle-down growth levels that are high.

The success rides on well-crafted initiatives like the universal shopping cart, one to one marketing strategy, and the referral tracking system. Going forward, new features have been added to the SHOP.COM’s technology portfolio. The latest is known as SHOP Buddy which is a digital personal shopping assistant that is meant to improve shopping experiences for shoppers. Also, part of the initiatives is a secured credit card and a SHOP Local program that seeks to reward customers of SHOP.COM for their offline purchases.