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Wen by Chaz Offers Quality Hair Products

Are you dealing with unattractive hair and want to do something about it? Tired of trying all sorts of hair products that fail to deliver on their promise? May be you want to find a great product that will help restore your hair.
Not to long ago I was in your situation, trying every hair product out there that promised to repair my damaged hair. In fact, many of the products out there cause more damage and make it even worse if you already have a bad hair. I spent a fortune on a wide variety of hair care items but could not get my hair to look as I wanted.

Someone recommended Wen hair by Chaz and I discovered this is the brand that I need to get the job done. I have thrown out every other hair product I had purchased. I am going to keep using this brand. In just a few short weeks it has done what all those other products couldn’t do for me. I have only been using it for less than a month and the result has been amazing.

If you want to check out this Total Beauty product, make sure you find out which version is suitable for your hair. I get the Fig Version, the formulation that was recommended to me and it works absolutely great for me.

Wen by Chaz is a fantastic hair care brand and has a great reputation in the industry. The huge number of positive comments and posts about the Sephora endorsed brand shows that people love their products. When I look ed closely at the ingredients, I noticed that they use herbal ingredients. I researched the benefits of these herbs and found out that they are great for conditioning the hair and keeping it looking fabulous.

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Find Out How Doe Deere Has Revolutionized Cosmetics With Lime Crime

Lime Crime galore is a wonderful blend of bold and vibrant cosmetic colors that easily change from a day to night glow. This exquisite makeup line is used to enhance your primary look or transform your appearance for a night on the town. Most women want a cosmetic line that is reasonably priced, simple to use, and easy to remove. Lime Crime is the premiere choice for a bold new look. Their radial new colors will have your friends envying your makeup selection and the ability to be creative with your makeup.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lime Crime

– Allows you to stand out
– Adopt a unique look
– Choose from many different colors
– Immediate improvement
– Enhance your look
– Defy your look
and more…

You’ll love being able to order your favorite products online and having them shipped to your door. For a limited time UK and Canadian residents can get free shipping. Check out their easy to navigate website to fill your shopping cart, find what’s new, check for clearance items, and accessories. In fact, CEO and Founder Doe Deere has a whole new line of colors that will be hitting the cosmetic industry by storm.

Available Lime Crime Colors

Lime Crime offers bold long lasting velvetine matte liquid lipstick shades and eyeshadows. You’ll get a luxurious texture that speaks louder than words and their completely waterproof.

Lipsticks Colors

– Beetle Perlees
– Great Pink Planet
– Chincilla Opaque
– Pink Velvet

Eyeshadow Shades

– Cosmic/Firefly Superfoil Duo
– Malibu/Convertible Superfoil Duo
– Venus

Customers can get nail polish, clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each product comes individually packaged in an eye catching design that will set your cosmetics apart from others.

More About The CEO & Founder

Doe Deere was the type of child that loved to wear her mommy’s clothes and makeup. However, it seemed like her mother never had the right colors to accent the look that she created with her mother’s attire. She knew from then on that she was going to create her own makeup line when she was older and then the world gets to witness the amazingly bold Lime Crime products that offers the unique Velvetine matte that has caused their products to become popular.

Deere admits that Lime Crime is a special name that invokes her creativity to find new colors. She was recently recognized by Self Made magazine as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry. Doe Deere loves what she does and describes it as an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the magazine. Her line defies expectations and is for individuals that want to make a bold statement with their makeup. Lime Crime shades of makeup represent a color revolution. Visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details on bold cosmetics.

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Doe Deere Goes Against the Grain And Empowers Fashionistas

Doe Deere, the 34 year old CEO of the cosmetics line LimeCrime, stands up for alternative makeup enthusiasts world-wide, while dismantling pre-conceived notions of what is the “right” way to pursue fashion.

Although she plays nice by producing a vegan cruelty-free line and regularly donating to organizations with her profits, she is not afraid to break the rules, and furthermore, empowers women to do the same. After all, we the people should be allowed to reclaim beauty and define it however we want! If we stop listening to the fashion experts, they stop telling us what to wear or what styles are a-la-mode.

The fashion world should respond to our needs! And that is exactly what Doe Deere aims to do. She embodies the very bold looks that she encourages her fans to embrace, and shares her persona freely on social media facets. This interaction with her fan-base provides a dynamic and fun way for the users of LimeCrime to connect with its creator.

With this progressive cosmetics line, Deere has been challenging some of the oldest beauty no-nos of all time. And with photographic evidence of her own makeup “violations”, we can see how cute it can be to live life as a makeup “offender”, and can better understand how she earned the self-proclaimed title of Unicorn Queen.

Deere dismantles traditional ideas by suggesting that we wear many colors and patterns together. She believes that there are ways in which you can coordinate different elements to create a dramatic look that isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. And certainly will turn heads!

She provides a similar argument for socks, which are meant to be well matched to the proper shoe and often look “childish” if are too bright. Deere rightfully argues that socks often come in the biggest variety, and are a great way to creatively play with accents, and finish a stunning look.

One of the most important rules that Deere disagrees with is the notion that one has to dress “their age”. This is an important message for women of all ages and backgrounds. Many women suffer from acting, dressing, and doing what they feel they are “supposed” to. Many of these expectations are a result of age, and Deere believes it is more important to dress as your authentic self, and not let someone else’s idea of what is appropriate limit a woman’s radiant personality.

She then extends this idea by suggesting that individuals should dress however they want, no matter what the occasion. This of course isn’t to say dress to offend, but rather the idea that whatever you feel comfortable, natural, and happy in, is going to reflect well upon you and is valid despite the dress code. Deere often dresses in fancy clothing for regular occasions, simply as an excuse for joy and celebration.

Doe Deere is a wonderful example of a strong entrepreneurial woman that is changing the ideas and minds of consumers and fashion experts alike, and will someday inspire a generation of creative and authentic fashion designers to come.