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ClassDojo App Connecting Teachers and Parents

In 2016, ClassDojo, a tech application, is on the road to continued success, having raised $21 million in funds to assist this company’s venture. Co-founders of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, are growing the company’s team to focus on fulfilling additional features and content that connects teachers with their student’s parents. This was earned by tech Series B funding led by General Catalyst and included new investors including Signal Fire, GSV, and Reach Capital. Since ClassDojo’s initial start up in 2011, the company has raised $31 million in total.

ClassDojo helps keep parents and teachers not only connected, it keeps them in the know of classroom events and information. The app does not use any of it’s users information for profit and is cautious in protecting such information. It is free to parents with optional per fee additions. ClassDojo’s “monster” characters make the app fun for students. Recently, using these monster characters, ClassDojo now has five videos that teach positive learning messages to students. These videos, titled, Growth Mindset for Students, are free for teachers to use to influence positive learning.

ClassDojo uses tools to encourage students to earn Dojo points and digital high-fives from their teacher. Children enjoy feeling rewarded in their work efforts, leading to perseverance in their studies and good classroom behavior. Parents also see their child’s progress and Dojo points.

The positive learning aspect of the app, is only part of the fun. Not only does ClassDojo help communication between teachers and parents, parents can receive information on class events and see student photos and videos of the day’s activities and classwork safely through the app. It is a virtual way for parents to be a part of their child’s classroom. Students can also upload images and projects to their own portfolio. This is great for parents that want to be more involved, and enjoy being up to date on classroom activities. A good teaching environment often involves the parent, student, and teacher working as a team for a positive educational experience. It’s a fun and helpful app for K-8 classrooms anywhere.

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