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Helane Morrison: A Strong Financial Law Leader

Helane Morrison is an investment expert and the enforcer of securities laws at Hall Capital Partners, the firm where she is currently General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Morrison had previously been enforcing securities laws while working with the SEC itself in the San Francisco office. She had already spent years as a lawyer prosecuting financial predators, and with the SEC she was ready to take down the big guys. She went after several big corporations including McKesson Corp and Franklin Resources who were committing securities violations, fraud, and backdating stocks. She would take no prisoners when it came to challenging the big corporations and their attorneys.


Helane Morrison started out interested in journalism, having earned a degree in that field from Northwestern University. She later attended the University of California at Berkley where she went to law school, and she began as a clerk at the seventh circuit of the US Court of Appeals, serving the Hon. Richard Posner. She later clerked for US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, who became a role model for Morrison and helped shape her future career. She moved from clerking into private law practice in 1986, joining the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became interested in prosecuting financial criminals and filing lawsuits on behalf of those who were wronged financially. She won many cases, and as a result was hired at the SEC.


She started at the SEC as a local enforcer, but then became District Administrator and later Regional Manager. She turned that SEC branch from a law enforcement division only concerned with small perpetrators, to one that brought down big corporate crooks. Morrison decided that she wanted to do more than just bring bad financial players to justice, she wanted to be a part of a company who stood for integrity and ethics in finance. So she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, a firm run by CEO Kathryn Hall and a team of qualified investment advisors. Throughout the years, Morrison has helped the firm uphold a reputation of sound investment decision-making, and unshaken by even the financial crisis of 2008.



QNET Reaches Out To Another Community That Is Enduring Peril Times

QNET, the global corporation that leads the industry in eCommerce, online shopping and business resources, recently got involved in its latest charity effort to help the victims of the Chennai floods. After the Chennai floods struck, QNET’s charity division, QNET – WE CARE, mobilized relief efforts to help the victims in various ways. For example, representatives from QNET made a special presentation at the first annual IFFA Utsavam awards ceremony, and QNET donated Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Chennai Flood Relief program.

This most recent tragedy in Chennai has placed a lot of emotional, physical and financial stress on the residents of the region. QNET – WE CARE has stayed very active in the relief process to ensure that people who lost everything will have the basic necessities that they need to function day-to-day, until they are able to rebuild. For example, the QNET – WE CARE program recently donated hundreds of household relief kits, which contained items like pots, bedding, mats and more. Over the years, QNET – WE CARE has partnered with other businesses and organizations, such as Lion Dist. 317 and Lion’s Club to generously contribute to the needs of people in traumatic situations.

The work culture within the offices of QNET fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer and charitable initiatives. The company’s employees have mobilized relief efforts to provide support for the homeless and for various medical initiatives.

QNET is an Indian-based company that has created a template for multi-cultural and multi-racial businesses to work together. QNET is considered the fastest growing eCommerce business that offers a variety of essential goods, eco-friendly products and luxury items. QNET has a community spirit that positively influences its employees, affiliates and sponsors. 

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The QNET system is designed to mentor successful entrepreneurs. The compensation program gives independent business owners the opportunity to build tremendous wealth by using the QNET eCommerce wealth building program. I personally believe that QNET is demonstrating a great ability to be a global leader in the IT and sales sector. Actually, I know people who have used some of QNET’s products, such as the travel membership package that has over 2,000 resorts in its travel plan. The package deals are very popular among global travelers and the membership perks consistently receive high reviews. QNET also offers a wide selection of products, such as nutrition programs, luxury and collectible shopping and eco-friendly products, such as the HomePure 7-stage Water Filtration System.

Learn more about QNET by checking out their Facebook or subscribing to their YouTube channel.


Doe Deere Goes Against the Grain And Empowers Fashionistas

Doe Deere, the 34 year old CEO of the cosmetics line LimeCrime, stands up for alternative makeup enthusiasts world-wide, while dismantling pre-conceived notions of what is the “right” way to pursue fashion.

Although she plays nice by producing a vegan cruelty-free line and regularly donating to organizations with her profits, she is not afraid to break the rules, and furthermore, empowers women to do the same. After all, we the people should be allowed to reclaim beauty and define it however we want! If we stop listening to the fashion experts, they stop telling us what to wear or what styles are a-la-mode.

The fashion world should respond to our needs! And that is exactly what Doe Deere aims to do. She embodies the very bold looks that she encourages her fans to embrace, and shares her persona freely on social media facets. This interaction with her fan-base provides a dynamic and fun way for the users of LimeCrime to connect with its creator.

With this progressive cosmetics line, Deere has been challenging some of the oldest beauty no-nos of all time. And with photographic evidence of her own makeup “violations”, we can see how cute it can be to live life as a makeup “offender”, and can better understand how she earned the self-proclaimed title of Unicorn Queen.

Deere dismantles traditional ideas by suggesting that we wear many colors and patterns together. She believes that there are ways in which you can coordinate different elements to create a dramatic look that isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. And certainly will turn heads!

She provides a similar argument for socks, which are meant to be well matched to the proper shoe and often look “childish” if are too bright. Deere rightfully argues that socks often come in the biggest variety, and are a great way to creatively play with accents, and finish a stunning look.

One of the most important rules that Deere disagrees with is the notion that one has to dress “their age”. This is an important message for women of all ages and backgrounds. Many women suffer from acting, dressing, and doing what they feel they are “supposed” to. Many of these expectations are a result of age, and Deere believes it is more important to dress as your authentic self, and not let someone else’s idea of what is appropriate limit a woman’s radiant personality.

She then extends this idea by suggesting that individuals should dress however they want, no matter what the occasion. This of course isn’t to say dress to offend, but rather the idea that whatever you feel comfortable, natural, and happy in, is going to reflect well upon you and is valid despite the dress code. Deere often dresses in fancy clothing for regular occasions, simply as an excuse for joy and celebration.

Doe Deere is a wonderful example of a strong entrepreneurial woman that is changing the ideas and minds of consumers and fashion experts alike, and will someday inspire a generation of creative and authentic fashion designers to come.