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Securus’ ConnectUs Looks to Save Users Time and Money with New Automated Forms

I just read the exciting news that Securus Technologies is digitizing inmate forms to save correction facility customers time and money on ConnectUs.

Securus, a civil and criminal justice technology solution company with an A+ rating from the BBB, now has a new Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs. Right now correctional officers have to use paper forms for inmate requests which takes up valuable time and storage, but with Securus’ ConnectUs requests and changes can quickly and easily be created digitally and made available to inmates.

The company works in the public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring space and this is just another example of how its leaders are consistently trying to provide new features for customers to make processes more convenient. Securus automates and processes an average of 13.8 forms each month for each inmate and the company’s clients are already saying this new application is saving them thousands on paper costs alone.

Not only does this benefit the correction officers, inmates also have some perks the new Inmate Forms and Grievance application. The new platform offers features never available before and it fully shares what is available to inmates and when. Since inmates have the ability to see the forms throughout the process they can view the status of forms and grievances and accept of appeal them. No worries, correctional facilities still have total control over what content each inmate has access to – but allowing access to certain forms will help each officer communicate with inmates more efficiently since the interface is available in multiple languages.

It’s so inspiring to see a company that is still committed to helping make the prison system processes safer and smoother for all parties involved.


Mobile Video Visitation App by Securus Technologies

Visiting loved ones has always been a hard and time-consuming task. Driving to jail and waiting in line behind long queues only to have few minutes to spend with a loved one is not desirable. The person you are going to visit will not enjoy either as they never feel at home with the realization that they are in jail. Securus Technologies have made it easier by introducing a video visitation app that works with android and apple devices.

Securus video visitation app gives you a choice in how you can plan for visits to see your incarcerated loved ones. The application tries to make the visitation process easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Loved ones can share special moments like birthdays from jail and is not limited to any locality as it operates worldwide. At-home video visits give inmates an opportunity to be with their loved ones during special occasions and saves on time spent traveling. Using the visitation app, we can plan when to see our loved ones according to our schedules. Register for this software here:

The Securus video visitation application is available on Google play and the App Store. Additional features of the application include the ability to synchronize visitation details and receive notifications concerning upcoming visits and adjust their schedules accordingly. Users can also test Wi-Fi connections to ensure that they get the best video quality. The application gives users mobility to the rigid jail visitation system we are familiar with. If you have any issues downloading the app, Securus’ customer service team is standing by to answer any questions.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company focused on providing inmate communication technology solutions. The company serves over 2,000 correctional facilities in Canada and the USA. They provide inmate phone calls services, video services, and email services for inmates. The company provides emergency services for the clients as well as incident management, public information, carrying out investigations and biometric analysis, communication and information management, inmate self-service and other monitoring products and services.

With the aim of improving its services, Securus Technologies have recently added a senior sales executive to its team. The senior sales executive will be in charge of putting together a software-based sales team to accommodate the numerous, patented products made for law enforcement and correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies strives to make the world a safer place for people to live in by improving on the security provided by correctional centers. Ensuring inmates have improved communication facilities they can use to get in touch with loved ones is also being achieved in the process.