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WEN By Chaz Dean Has Been Converting Women Daily

WEN cleansing conditioners, developed by Chaz Dean, were made in order to provide women with a deep cleanse to their hair and give them hair they felt confident showing off. No matter what type of unmanageable hair someone may be facing, like dry or brittle hair, oily hair, all of these can be fixed with Wen‘s cleansing conditioner. A writer for Bustle Magazine recently did a review on the fig version of WEN’s hair care line.
Emily, the writer, has had problems maintaining her hair for a long time, having problems with it being oily or too thin. This makes her an enthusiast for good hair care products that are capable of helping her manage her hair. This works out for her because the WEN cleansing conditioners were designed to work well with other styling products. Though when using other products, results may take a little more time to be achieved. Because the Amazon sold cleansing conditioners are an all natural product it can be effected by other products with harsh chemicals in them. Though in the majority of cases, WEN works well regardless.

Emily noticed that she started to see results earlier than 1 week and she wasn’t even using the recommend amount on her hair because she was nervous that it would be too much. In the end, she said it made her hair look noticeable thicker and she had no issues with the products rich texture. She showed before and after pictures within her review on Bustle of the effects WEN had on her hair. She was delighted considering all the failed products in the past, now she is sure to keep WEN as part of her daily regime.  Check out Wen’s YouTube channel for more info.

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Madison Street Capital Named As Finalist for M&A Advisor Awards

The Chicago based firm Madison Street Capital was named as a finalist in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards according to the recent press release posted on

The international investment banking firm was nominated for an award for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and for the Under $100MM International and Industrials Deal of the Year. The deal that was being recognized was the part that Madison Street Capital had in the Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director for Madison Street Capital, was the one who led that successful transaction. Charles Botchway, the founder and Chief Executive Officer for the investment banking firm said that they were all pleased and honored to be recognized for their hard work and effort that they put in for their clients.

The winners for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards will be announced at the Gala held at the New York Athletic Club on November 9th.

Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment firm that works with clients both domestic and international. They offer their clients a wide range of services including capital restructuring, mergers and acquisition, reorganization, private placement advisory services, bankruptcy, and buy out. With each new project, they work closely with their client and take on their goals as their own. Madison Street Capital and their employees are committed to providing their clients with not only top notch service, but service with integrity, leadership, and the ability to deliver excellent corporate financial advisory services. The firm has experience and is a leader in M&A assistance, financial advisory services, and valuations. Some of the firm’s major clients include Central Iowa Energy, LLC, Bond Medial Group Inc, and Fiber Science, Inc. They also have offices spanning the globe in Asia, Africa, and North America.

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Securus’ ConnectUs Looks to Save Users Time and Money with New Automated Forms

I just read the exciting news that Securus Technologies is digitizing inmate forms to save correction facility customers time and money on ConnectUs.

Securus, a civil and criminal justice technology solution company with an A+ rating from the BBB, now has a new Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs. Right now correctional officers have to use paper forms for inmate requests which takes up valuable time and storage, but with Securus’ ConnectUs requests and changes can quickly and easily be created digitally and made available to inmates.

The company works in the public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring space and this is just another example of how its leaders are consistently trying to provide new features for customers to make processes more convenient. Securus automates and processes an average of 13.8 forms each month for each inmate and the company’s clients are already saying this new application is saving them thousands on paper costs alone.

Not only does this benefit the correction officers, inmates also have some perks the new Inmate Forms and Grievance application. The new platform offers features never available before and it fully shares what is available to inmates and when. Since inmates have the ability to see the forms throughout the process they can view the status of forms and grievances and accept of appeal them. No worries, correctional facilities still have total control over what content each inmate has access to – but allowing access to certain forms will help each officer communicate with inmates more efficiently since the interface is available in multiple languages.

It’s so inspiring to see a company that is still committed to helping make the prison system processes safer and smoother for all parties involved.


IAP Worldwide Services Offer Expert Services with Regard to Operating in Remote Environments

Operating in out-of-the-way places can present special challenges. The preceding reason is precisely why agencies of the government as well as national security entities rely on the expertise of IAP Worldwide Services for support. We are able to construct and maintain medical facilities, as well as build and maintain a permanent infrastructure. Our solutions are designed and customized with regard to a specific client’s request and budget. Our solutions are provided in order that the client has more control of his or her environment.

IAP Worldwide Services constructs buildings, conducts operations and assures maintenance of various environments the world over. Our organization is capable of managing a mass of various diverse facilities anywhere from housing at oilfield locations to units for militaristic personnel to laboratories at research facilities in out-of-the-way places. In order to meet such diverse requirements of the client base, our personnel involve themselves in every relative skill imaginable, such as running a small town, to training residential laborers; subcontracting the resources of local merchants, encouraging stimulus as far as localized economies and creating new employment.

A Solid Foundation is Necessary: IAP Worldwide Services makes it a point to partner with customers from the very start of a project. The preceding is necessary in order to properly ascertain the best way to go about designing the correct facility. Our organization offers the customer with a broad-based selection with respect to design of the facility and relative engineering services. Engineering services include a visual assessment, planning, two dimensional and three dimensional modeling and more. Dependent on the requirements of the client, IAP Worldwide Services offers the client with the capability of re-doing an infrastructure that is currently in existence or constructing a completely new facility. All facilities are LEED certified.

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IAP Worldwide Services offers it client with a modular system design which is scalable. The community environment is scalable in way of single unit quarters, bedroom suites, and custom built units. Private rooms are also an option. Our organization provides our clients with a nice variety of other modular entities and options including workshops, infirmaries, office areas, kitchens, laundering facilities, and power generation areas. The modular units make housing setups flawlessly expeditious.

Temporary Housing Solutions: IAP Worldwide Services is capable of building for its client temporary housing units. We handle the community setup from start to finish inclusive of designing the community, building the community and maintaining the communal environment. Our organization offers our client with services in way of project design; and architectural and CAD design. We communicate closely with all parties involved during the design and engineering portions of the project in order to properly assure the needs of the customer as well as the temporary community are met. Necessities are addressed in the way of operations, maintenance, food service, catering, entertainment and recreation; community safety and security, utilities and healthcare services.

It is clear that IAP Worldwide services assures every detail is met regardless of the project. It is advisable, then, with IAP Worldwide Services track record of favorable high-tech solutions and knowledge that the customer seeking housing in remote locations, contact us for further information.

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Keith Mann: The Man Behind the Philanthropy

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, animal activist, and is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. His company specialize in hedge funds and alternative investments. They have been involved in numerous community projects and have raised over $22,000 for Uncommon Schools of New York in March of last year.

Keith Mann was quoted as saying “We are excited to be working with Uncommon Schools…We have had a tour of the schools, programming and even sat in on classes and meetings with seniors. It was inspiring to see how motivated these students are to enter college. Students are eager to learn about how best to position themselves for college, internships and future careers.”

Keith Mann started his own career in the industry over fifteen years ago. After identifying the hedge fund market as a quickly growing opportunity, he narrowed his focus and started his own company. While they specialize in alternative investments, they remain a very community oriented company, from supporting the New York City Police Department by supplying lunch to raising money to open new schools and help to send disadvantaged youth to college.

Last January Dynamic Search Partners announced a scholarship program called the ‘Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement’. This scholarship is awarded to one young innovative business leader each year at Uncommon Schools of New York and allows them the opportunity to continue to further their education by attending college. The program is open every year to all eligible seniors of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York.


Wen by Chaz Offers Quality Hair Products

Are you dealing with unattractive hair and want to do something about it? Tired of trying all sorts of hair products that fail to deliver on their promise? May be you want to find a great product that will help restore your hair.
Not to long ago I was in your situation, trying every hair product out there that promised to repair my damaged hair. In fact, many of the products out there cause more damage and make it even worse if you already have a bad hair. I spent a fortune on a wide variety of hair care items but could not get my hair to look as I wanted.

Someone recommended Wen hair by Chaz and I discovered this is the brand that I need to get the job done. I have thrown out every other hair product I had purchased. I am going to keep using this brand. In just a few short weeks it has done what all those other products couldn’t do for me. I have only been using it for less than a month and the result has been amazing.

If you want to check out this Total Beauty product, make sure you find out which version is suitable for your hair. I get the Fig Version, the formulation that was recommended to me and it works absolutely great for me.

Wen by Chaz is a fantastic hair care brand and has a great reputation in the industry. The huge number of positive comments and posts about the Sephora endorsed brand shows that people love their products. When I look ed closely at the ingredients, I noticed that they use herbal ingredients. I researched the benefits of these herbs and found out that they are great for conditioning the hair and keeping it looking fabulous.

Visit their website at

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Find Out How Doe Deere Has Revolutionized Cosmetics With Lime Crime

Lime Crime galore is a wonderful blend of bold and vibrant cosmetic colors that easily change from a day to night glow. This exquisite makeup line is used to enhance your primary look or transform your appearance for a night on the town. Most women want a cosmetic line that is reasonably priced, simple to use, and easy to remove. Lime Crime is the premiere choice for a bold new look. Their radial new colors will have your friends envying your makeup selection and the ability to be creative with your makeup.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lime Crime

– Allows you to stand out
– Adopt a unique look
– Choose from many different colors
– Immediate improvement
– Enhance your look
– Defy your look
and more…

You’ll love being able to order your favorite products online and having them shipped to your door. For a limited time UK and Canadian residents can get free shipping. Check out their easy to navigate website to fill your shopping cart, find what’s new, check for clearance items, and accessories. In fact, CEO and Founder Doe Deere has a whole new line of colors that will be hitting the cosmetic industry by storm.

Available Lime Crime Colors

Lime Crime offers bold long lasting velvetine matte liquid lipstick shades and eyeshadows. You’ll get a luxurious texture that speaks louder than words and their completely waterproof.

Lipsticks Colors

– Beetle Perlees
– Great Pink Planet
– Chincilla Opaque
– Pink Velvet

Eyeshadow Shades

– Cosmic/Firefly Superfoil Duo
– Malibu/Convertible Superfoil Duo
– Venus

Customers can get nail polish, clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each product comes individually packaged in an eye catching design that will set your cosmetics apart from others.

More About The CEO & Founder

Doe Deere was the type of child that loved to wear her mommy’s clothes and makeup. However, it seemed like her mother never had the right colors to accent the look that she created with her mother’s attire. She knew from then on that she was going to create her own makeup line when she was older and then the world gets to witness the amazingly bold Lime Crime products that offers the unique Velvetine matte that has caused their products to become popular.

Deere admits that Lime Crime is a special name that invokes her creativity to find new colors. She was recently recognized by Self Made magazine as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry. Doe Deere loves what she does and describes it as an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the magazine. Her line defies expectations and is for individuals that want to make a bold statement with their makeup. Lime Crime shades of makeup represent a color revolution. Visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details on bold cosmetics.

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Matthew Eitner and James Ahern Face Scrutiny from Relmada Therapeutics

Running a global company is never an easy thing to do. One of the biggest issues with running such a large organization is that you are bound to face scrutiny form clients and outside sources. This is just what is happening at Ladilaw and Company. Recently Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have been facing a great deal of scrutiny from Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada Therapeutics went as far as filing an amended complaint against the two Principles of Ladilaw and Company. Relmada has filed this amended complaint as a part of their current lawsuit against principles of Ladilaw and Company Eitner and Ahern. This lawsuit claims that Eitner and Ahern were providing false information to Relmada Therapeutics in regards to being their investment banker.

Laidlaw and Company has had a long list of complaints over the years regarding their shady business dealings. Laidlaw and Company has been known to work with brokers who have a long history of multiple violations. There have been damages to many different companies caused by the actions of Ladilaw and Company. It will be very hard for Ladilaw to continue to grow if these violations continue on in the future. Massive changes must be made if Ladilaw and Company plans to continue growing into the future.

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Dick DeVos And His Family’s Contribution Towards Relatives of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Recently, The DeVos family along with the Orlando Magic, its professional basketball team made a joint contribution of $500,000. The donation went towards assisting the families affected by the Pulse nightclub mass shooting carried by Omar Mateen. The DeVos family gave $400,000 while the Orlando Magic contributed $100,000. The contributions were channeled through the OneOrlando Fund. It is a nonprofit established to assist families impacted by the shooting inside the gay bar that resulted in the death of 49 individuals. The DeVos contribution was announced by Buddy Dyer, the Orlando Mayor via his Twitter account. The Rich DeVos family has a reputation of donating to Orlando causes. Its fortune comes from Amway, a privately owned firm that is a major player in direct sales. According to an Amway spokesman, the $400,000 gift was derived from the foundations run by the family.
About Dick DeVos
In my view, Dick DeVos is one of the preeminent contributors to charity causes. He has been able to impact several sectors of the American society. Dick DeVos serves as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation’s president. The foundation operates from the Grand Rapids area and was created in 1990. Over the years, it has given thousands of dollars to free market economic organizations, community, civic, education, and artistic causes. These contributions have benefited Kids Hope USA, the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Additionally, organizations like the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, and the Education Freedom Funds have benefited from the foundation’s donations. This information was initially published on Wikipedia as found via this link
Dick DeVos started working in his family business in 1974. I consider him one of the most qualified business executives globally. He became Amway International’s vice president in 1984. As the vice president of Amway International, Dick DeVos led the company’s expansion into 18 countries. He became the president as well as the chief executive officer of the Orlando Magic in 1991. Due to his previous exceptional work at Amway International, Dick DeVos returned to the company in 1993 to serve as the president. He led Amway international to record profitability. He is a graduate of Northwood University along with the Forest Hills Public Schools.


IAP Worldwide Services Continues To Grow

IAP Worldwide Services is a specialized program management provider that is able to operate around the world, in areas of conflict or remote locales, and on programs that require some of the most secure conditions possible. The vast majority of the clients that IAP serves are government agencies or government funded programs ranging in projects that require specialization in everything from telecommunications services to health facilities management. By diversifying their acquisitions, manpower, and information technology, IAP has set itself up to provide clients assistance with the tools they need around the globe to get their jobs done.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

The company has continued to grow and acquire more resources in order to provide better services simply by listening to what its current clients are requesting more of. From aviation expertise to technological stability, it is the specialized resources that IAP Worldwide Services is able to offer that set it apart from its competitors and why they are experiencing growth at such a steady and fast rate. With the variety of services that IAP offers, it is important for them to be able to forecast the needs of their clients well into the future in order to ensure that they do not overdo their demand on resources, and that they can retain the same, or better, level of service for years to come.

IAP Worldwide Services continues to grow and add to an already impressive list of clients and countries where they have worked in. While much of this is largely possible because of the various resources they have amassed, it is also because of the on the ground network they have established with professionals and organizations all over the world. No matter where clients need program management, or how fast they need assistance and support, IAP is able to meet those needs and get facilities of all sizes up and running using the local networks. Benefits such as these, and professionals that already live and work in an area are the key to IAP’s success and why they will only continue to grow as a company in the future. Interested clients can be confident that whatever services they need provided can be met with the resources already standing by.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:,-inc-l-virginia.aspx