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Wen by Chaz Offers Quality Hair Products

Are you dealing with unattractive hair and want to do something about it? Tired of trying all sorts of hair products that fail to deliver on their promise? May be you want to find a great product that will help restore your hair.
Not to long ago I was in your situation, trying every hair product out there that promised to repair my damaged hair. In fact, many of the products out there cause more damage and make it even worse if you already have a bad hair. I spent a fortune on a wide variety of hair care items but could not get my hair to look as I wanted.

Someone recommended Wen hair by Chaz and I discovered this is the brand that I need to get the job done. I have thrown out every other hair product I had purchased. I am going to keep using this brand. In just a few short weeks it has done what all those other products couldn’t do for me. I have only been using it for less than a month and the result has been amazing.

If you want to check out this Total Beauty product, make sure you find out which version is suitable for your hair. I get the Fig Version, the formulation that was recommended to me and it works absolutely great for me.

Wen by Chaz is a fantastic hair care brand and has a great reputation in the industry. The huge number of positive comments and posts about the Sephora endorsed brand shows that people love their products. When I look ed closely at the ingredients, I noticed that they use herbal ingredients. I researched the benefits of these herbs and found out that they are great for conditioning the hair and keeping it looking fabulous.

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Find Out How Doe Deere Has Revolutionized Cosmetics With Lime Crime

Lime Crime galore is a wonderful blend of bold and vibrant cosmetic colors that easily change from a day to night glow. This exquisite makeup line is used to enhance your primary look or transform your appearance for a night on the town. Most women want a cosmetic line that is reasonably priced, simple to use, and easy to remove. Lime Crime is the premiere choice for a bold new look. Their radial new colors will have your friends envying your makeup selection and the ability to be creative with your makeup.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lime Crime

– Allows you to stand out
– Adopt a unique look
– Choose from many different colors
– Immediate improvement
– Enhance your look
– Defy your look
and more…

You’ll love being able to order your favorite products online and having them shipped to your door. For a limited time UK and Canadian residents can get free shipping. Check out their easy to navigate website to fill your shopping cart, find what’s new, check for clearance items, and accessories. In fact, CEO and Founder Doe Deere has a whole new line of colors that will be hitting the cosmetic industry by storm.

Available Lime Crime Colors

Lime Crime offers bold long lasting velvetine matte liquid lipstick shades and eyeshadows. You’ll get a luxurious texture that speaks louder than words and their completely waterproof.

Lipsticks Colors

– Beetle Perlees
– Great Pink Planet
– Chincilla Opaque
– Pink Velvet

Eyeshadow Shades

– Cosmic/Firefly Superfoil Duo
– Malibu/Convertible Superfoil Duo
– Venus

Customers can get nail polish, clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each product comes individually packaged in an eye catching design that will set your cosmetics apart from others.

More About The CEO & Founder

Doe Deere was the type of child that loved to wear her mommy’s clothes and makeup. However, it seemed like her mother never had the right colors to accent the look that she created with her mother’s attire. She knew from then on that she was going to create her own makeup line when she was older and then the world gets to witness the amazingly bold Lime Crime products that offers the unique Velvetine matte that has caused their products to become popular.

Deere admits that Lime Crime is a special name that invokes her creativity to find new colors. She was recently recognized by Self Made magazine as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry. Doe Deere loves what she does and describes it as an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the magazine. Her line defies expectations and is for individuals that want to make a bold statement with their makeup. Lime Crime shades of makeup represent a color revolution. Visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details on bold cosmetics.

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Matthew Eitner and James Ahern Face Scrutiny from Relmada Therapeutics

Running a global company is never an easy thing to do. One of the biggest issues with running such a large organization is that you are bound to face scrutiny form clients and outside sources. This is just what is happening at Ladilaw and Company. Recently Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have been facing a great deal of scrutiny from Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada Therapeutics went as far as filing an amended complaint against the two Principles of Ladilaw and Company. Relmada has filed this amended complaint as a part of their current lawsuit against principles of Ladilaw and Company Eitner and Ahern. This lawsuit claims that Eitner and Ahern were providing false information to Relmada Therapeutics in regards to being their investment banker.

Laidlaw and Company has had a long list of complaints over the years regarding their shady business dealings. Laidlaw and Company has been known to work with brokers who have a long history of multiple violations. There have been damages to many different companies caused by the actions of Ladilaw and Company. It will be very hard for Ladilaw to continue to grow if these violations continue on in the future. Massive changes must be made if Ladilaw and Company plans to continue growing into the future.

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Dick DeVos And His Family’s Contribution Towards Relatives of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Recently, The DeVos family along with the Orlando Magic, its professional basketball team made a joint contribution of $500,000. The donation went towards assisting the families affected by the Pulse nightclub mass shooting carried by Omar Mateen. The DeVos family gave $400,000 while the Orlando Magic contributed $100,000. The contributions were channeled through the OneOrlando Fund. It is a nonprofit established to assist families impacted by the shooting inside the gay bar that resulted in the death of 49 individuals. The DeVos contribution was announced by Buddy Dyer, the Orlando Mayor via his Twitter account. The Rich DeVos family has a reputation of donating to Orlando causes. Its fortune comes from Amway, a privately owned firm that is a major player in direct sales. According to an Amway spokesman, the $400,000 gift was derived from the foundations run by the family.
About Dick DeVos
In my view, Dick DeVos is one of the preeminent contributors to charity causes. He has been able to impact several sectors of the American society. Dick DeVos serves as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation’s president. The foundation operates from the Grand Rapids area and was created in 1990. Over the years, it has given thousands of dollars to free market economic organizations, community, civic, education, and artistic causes. These contributions have benefited Kids Hope USA, the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Additionally, organizations like the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, and the Education Freedom Funds have benefited from the foundation’s donations. This information was initially published on Wikipedia as found via this link
Dick DeVos started working in his family business in 1974. I consider him one of the most qualified business executives globally. He became Amway International’s vice president in 1984. As the vice president of Amway International, Dick DeVos led the company’s expansion into 18 countries. He became the president as well as the chief executive officer of the Orlando Magic in 1991. Due to his previous exceptional work at Amway International, Dick DeVos returned to the company in 1993 to serve as the president. He led Amway international to record profitability. He is a graduate of Northwood University along with the Forest Hills Public Schools.


IAP Worldwide Services Continues To Grow

IAP Worldwide Services is a specialized program management provider that is able to operate around the world, in areas of conflict or remote locales, and on programs that require some of the most secure conditions possible. The vast majority of the clients that IAP serves are government agencies or government funded programs ranging in projects that require specialization in everything from telecommunications services to health facilities management. By diversifying their acquisitions, manpower, and information technology, IAP has set itself up to provide clients assistance with the tools they need around the globe to get their jobs done.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

The company has continued to grow and acquire more resources in order to provide better services simply by listening to what its current clients are requesting more of. From aviation expertise to technological stability, it is the specialized resources that IAP Worldwide Services is able to offer that set it apart from its competitors and why they are experiencing growth at such a steady and fast rate. With the variety of services that IAP offers, it is important for them to be able to forecast the needs of their clients well into the future in order to ensure that they do not overdo their demand on resources, and that they can retain the same, or better, level of service for years to come.

IAP Worldwide Services continues to grow and add to an already impressive list of clients and countries where they have worked in. While much of this is largely possible because of the various resources they have amassed, it is also because of the on the ground network they have established with professionals and organizations all over the world. No matter where clients need program management, or how fast they need assistance and support, IAP is able to meet those needs and get facilities of all sizes up and running using the local networks. Benefits such as these, and professionals that already live and work in an area are the key to IAP’s success and why they will only continue to grow as a company in the future. Interested clients can be confident that whatever services they need provided can be met with the resources already standing by.

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Online Reputation Management: Looking Out For You

Status Labs is a PR company that specializes in online reputation management that is sorely needed in a world that relies heavily on the media for success and prosperity. Status Labs helps companies and individuals in the public eye to not only preserve a positive reputation online, but to also have a plan to act on if there is ever any negative coverage. Status Labs’ employees are experts in using databases such as Google to post positive and readable content for users that include positive comments and articles about the current business. President of the company, Darius Fisher, states that Status Labs understands that not all publicity is good publicity as it can permanently destroy the reputation or the integrity of any company. Status Labs works hard to prevent any company from losing revenue and works hard to create an even more positive brand name.

In recent news, Darius Fisher of Status Labs has now provided the public with advice for those who are looking to pitch PR ideas. Darius Fisher offers high quality and free advice that will help anyone be success in the PR industry.

1. Tell a Story to the Client

Darius Fisher wants people to know that above all, the client is looking for a company or individual who can entertain them with the product. This means one should practice the presentation and should work on wording, timing, as well as gestures. Practice will make the public relations pitch look perfect and will get the pitch chosen.

2. Know Who You Are Talking To

Before ever presenting a pitch, try and get to know the client and get the client to like you. Try and build a relationship with the client that will create a long-lasting partnership that may lead to even more business opportunities. So not forget to take advantage of social media and to find and friend the potential client on Facebook or Twitter. This will give you the chance to get to know the client and to let the client see your qualifications as a potential PR manager.


Representation for Whistleblowers

In the years since the economic meltdown of 2008, many steps have been taken to help protect consumers and the populace at large from fraud in our financial system. One of the most significant moves was the introduction of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This act was put in place to protect “whistleblowers” who want to come forward to report financial security fraud to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) without fear of reprisals from their employer. The act is a very significant piece of legislation as it includes financial incentives for those who do come forward, as well as protection for the whistleblower.

One of the leading law firms that has emerged in the wake of the Whistleblower Act is Lubaton Sucharow. This firm has come forward since the passage of this groundbreaking act to provide the opportunity for expert legal representation to those who want to act as whistleblowers. The firm is made up of an expert team who work at a world class level.

The team at Lubation Sucharow is made up of lawyers who are experts in financial analysis and forensic accounting as well as investigation. This team includes lawyers who have years of dedicated service in law enforcement at the state and federal level behind them, and they come to the table with all of this knowledge when representing a client.

The team at Lubaton Sucharow is headed by a highly experienced attorney, Jordan A. Thomas. Thomas is the head of the whistleblower practice at the firm, and he comes to the job with a wealth of significant experience. Thomas was formerly the Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counel in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He was one of the leaders who developed the whistleblower program, and he also drafted key legislation in the Whistleblower Act.

One of the key aspects of the bill is the financial incentive offered. This is a provision that allows for a 10 to 30 percent payout to be given to the whistleblower if the amount in the case is above $1 million. Whistleblowers also have the right to anonymously report their case, but only if they have legal counsel representing them.

If you are ready to come forward as a whistleblower, be sure that you have the expert representation you need. Call the office of Lubaton Sucharow for a consultation today.

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Keeping Your Business’s Online Reputation In Check

Have recent events left you feeling like you may need to clean up your business’s online reputation? You may need a search engine optimizer, otherwise known as SEO. You may need to seek a SEO if you need help with keyword searches, online business development campaigns, or marketing expertise.
The best time to hire a SEO is early on. For instance, if only recently your company has received bad reviews online or other negative press then consulting a SEO could very well diminish the problem before it grows. SEOs are still helpful later on after the problem has grown, but as with the containment of anything unwanted, getting a start early on is beneficial.

Fix Search Results can provide experienced assistance in getting your business’s reputation back on track. After all, you worked hard to build your bushiness and its reputation so you’ll want to take this image restoration process seriously. The only way to do so is seeking the help of those qualified to get the job done. Fix Search Results has effectively managed the reputation of many successful Fortune 500 companies. Their staff is based 100% in the U.S. and is prepared to helpfully assist their clients with free introductory quotes and meetings. Not to mention, they have already served thousands of people who are in your shoes.

This is a time in your business’s existence to take very seriously and to handle efficiently. Don’t be overwhelmed, there are professionals that can help with the restoration of your business’s reputation. Stay focused on why you began your business and serving your clients better than before. Leave the reputation management up to those who are well qualified to do so. You’ll be back on track in no time!


Thor Halvorssen and Others Viewed as Troublemakers

President of New York-Based Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. This is the HRF that is located in New York. He is known to keep very odd hours. He is unique and certainly not an average clock-punching individual. He was able to launch the Human Rights Foundation in the year 2005. He has a remarkable background and ethnic heritage. He is an extraordinary person with many talents and gifts to offer.


Exposing the Government and Loving Freedom

Thor Halvorssen and the HRF have been called many things. The HRF may even be viewed as a group of troublemakers. If there is an unjust government action, they will expose it. This is a group of people who are not afraid to speak up. Wasting time on useless griping is not an option. They have the ability to see through the rubble and the messes. These are messes that may be overlooked by those who are in a position of authority. Humanity, honesty, and freedom are fostered. The HRF is one that will expose any government in order to achieve freedom. Exposing the government and providing peaceful solutions is one of the goals of the Human Rights Foundation. Political prisoners have been freed thanks to the efforts of the HRF.


Beaten For a Cause

Thor Halvorssen has taken a beating for a cause since he has been involved in the HRF . Black-and-blue is a price that he has been willing to pay in order to achieve freedom. Sneaking quietly into a monastery in Ho Chi Minh City for an important cause is within his overall style. The Human Rights Foundation is actually one that believes in a peaceful approach. Educating others is the goal.


Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights, and More

Thor Halvorssen is an extraordinary individual who has many interests and also seems to have an abundance of energy. He is a film producers and an activist. He believes in individual rights along with civil liberties.

Follow Halvorssen on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to keep up with his news and events.

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Investment Banking Simplified

Martin Lustgarten has always been dedicated to spreading financial awareness and has educated many people on how to invest. He is financially experienced, alert and has seen him give many public lectures to many that listens. He is an investor that has always wants to give back. Martin Lustgarten is a successful investment banker.

Investment banking is a branch in banking that deals with the creation of capital for, companies governments and other entities. In investment banks normally underwrite new debts and equity securities for different corporations, help facilitate mergers, assistance in the sale of securities, acquisition and reorganization and brokers trade for either institutions or private investors. Investment banks also do provide guidance to issuers concerning issues and placements.

Investment banks are typically affiliated with other big banks or are subsidiaries of the larger banks. Their roles mainly involve offering help concerning large, complicated financial transactions. Some of the complex transactions done by investment banks include evaluating the real value of a company and how a deal can be structured if the company was to be sold. They issue securities as a means to raise money for clients. They also create the documentation for security and exchange commission and are usually needed when a company wants to go public.

Investment bankers work for investment banks and help corporations, governments, and other groups. Their work also involves managing large projects, saving the clients’ money and time by pinpointing the possible risks of a project before it started. Investment bankers’ role means that they are the difference between helping a client make money or lose it.

Investments banks can be said to be the middlemen between an investor and the company issuing stocks or bonds. They help with pricing financial instrument to help maximize the revenue.

When it comes to investment banking, there is a need to have the best-skilled investors to get a return on investment. Lustgarten has been successful in this field and has helped many families secure their future. He began humbly operating on a small scale and rose to create his investment empire. Lustergaten is a motivated well-groomed investor. He has raised billions of dollars in the business and has been significant in many people’s lives.

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